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California @ Willowood
Room 503
Miss Stoppa
4th & 5th Grade

Some helpful links:

Family Education.Com: A great site for parents and students to share.
Big Chalk - The Education Network: Great Homework Help in all subject areas!
National Education Association: News about Education. Also includes a "help for parents" section
The Education Place: Hosted by Houghton Mifflin, this site has resources for students and parents.
Education.Com: Another great resource for students and parents.

Room 503 - Miss Stoppa

Welcome to Room 503's Website!

Here, you will find some information
about the goings-on in our class and
at our school. I hope everyone had a
restful and enjoyable winter break.
Now, it's back to school, and back 
to work! :)

Upcoming   Events

Martin Luther King Jr Day - 10th

Lincoln's Birthday - 14th
Washington's Birthday - 17th
Founders Day
Honorary Service Award