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FairyGirl's Home


Welcome to my fairy home!

My name is FairyGirl, and, yes I am a Faerie... feel free to read my short autobiography, to learn more about me.

Well, you must be here, either because you like me (thank you so much!) or because you love faeries!!! Well, jump on the bandwagon, join the crowd, hop on the boat!!! Everybody loves fairies!!! It is rather hard to say why. Faeries, like human folk, tend to be of varying personalities. Many are flighty, and many do not take well to humans... perhaps this is due to the lore of faerie abuse from humans. There are many Fairy Tales about the atrocities afflicted upon innocent fairies, by evil, malicious human creatures! I, myself, hope this is not true! I want to believe that human creatures are good, and kind. Yes, just like faerie folk, they have their bad seeds, but there are good humans too. I do have many human friends, as well as my faerie brethren.

Well, I hope to be able to provide a bit of information for you about we, the faerie folk, thereby linking our humans and faeries, so that we can all live in peace and harmony. So, please, look at some of the things that I have provided for you and learn more about fairies... We are really wonderful creatures, and make the best of friends!

Faerie Lore
Faeries in literature
Faeries in movies
Faeries and people
Faeries in games
Other Faerie related things
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I hope you have learned a little more about faeries by visiting this site, and maybe you will want to become more active in uniting faeries with people in love and harmony!

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Credits::: All of the images on this page were created by my best friend in the whole world, Crystal. You can find more of her homepage theme creations at her new site, Crystal Tears. Click on the link button below.