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FairyGirl's Tale

Are you wondering who I am?!

Fairy Girl

My name is FairyGirl, and, yes as I said before, I am of the Faerie Folk. I am a lover of all people and things, and especially a lover of life. I am a strange Fairy, in some respects. Many may think that Fairies all like to help people. Mythology like the Tooth Fairy, Pinnochio's Blue Fairy, and the Fairy Godmother, perpetuate these beliefs. The common Fairy is carefree and full of life. Most live for the moment, and although they *do* care deeply about the welfare of things in nature: trees, water, air and animals, they don't take to people too much. Which is why your common human has never seen a Faerae.

I am one of those strange Fairies that likes people. I enjoy their company, and try to help others, and be friendly with everyone. I am currently the moderator/listkeeper of the Xanth E-mail list, which has over 200 members. It's not always easy, or fun, but the people there make it all worthwhile. I enjoy playing Poohsticks. You get to meet so many people, and make a lot of friends. You also get to do a lot of chatting up on the bridge. Most Fairies, *are* very gossipy in nature. :)

I am also a student at a local university in Pomona, California. Other Faeries think my quest for knowledge is foolish. They think that I should be out fluttering among the daisies. I am just too inquisitif, and love to learn. I am also an avid reader, and will read anything I can get my hands on. Most Faeraes can't even read, thinking it a foolish notion, and those that can, take little care in it, and can't spell much, hence the many spellings of Fairy ;}

I am truly a Fairy though. I enjoy many Fairy pastimes, such as dancing, and flying with butterflies, and sleeping in daffodils. I also honor all faerie holidays. Yesterday was the Cloud Stamping Pentathlon, hence my lovely cloud background. I think I will keep the background though, because I do love to fly, and love the sky and the clouds. I have a great love for all winged creatures, as do all Fairies, and especially like to spend my time with moths, butterflies, dragonflies, and hummingbirds. Fairies love to celebrate, and there is, on average, a Faery holiday every other day, at least. Today is Breakfast, Snack, Elevenses, Snack, Lunch, Snack, Tea, Snack, Dinner, Snack, More Snacks, Supper, Snack & Bilgewack Day for the Borms (yesterday being Breakfast, Dinner and Supper day for Goblins).

***** Borms are a little-known relative of Goblins. They tend to obesity and generally do very little other than sit around and eat and feel ill. This is probably why the human world has had so little contact with them. "Bilgewack" is a Bormish term for Having Probably Eaten Too Much and Needing to Lie Down. *****

Although I am a Sylph/Nymph/Dryad/Pixie crossbreed Fairy, I also like to celebrate the holidays of ALL the Fairies. I am right now, late for my snack! My Pixie metabolism allows me to celebrate these holidays, without the repurcussions the Borms suffer. Like I said, I am a Sylph/Nymph/Dryad/Pixie crossbreed Fairy. Faeraes tend to be free spirits, and crossbreeds occur often. I DO NOT, however, bear any relation to any of the Leprechaun, Brownie, or Goblin folk. (well maybe just a teeny-tiny bit of goblin for fun :) ) I am tiring of sitting here :( I awt to flutter off to celebrate with the other faeraes. I can only sit still for so long. I *am* a Fairy, you know.

Of course, I like to talk too. I should say a few non-fairy things. I like to watch silly things like funny TV shows, such as Ren and Stimpy, and Beavis and Butthead. I love all forms of Fantasy and my two favorite all time movies are **The Princess Bride** and **The Last Unicorn**. I love to listen to Music, and Sing and Dance ***ALL FAERAE FOLK love to dance, no matter what specific specie***I listen to all types of music, as well as read all types of books. And I am a lover of beauty and art!

I am running out of things to say... Actually, I have been away from my tree for a day and a half, and although I am only part Dryad, it is best that I see my tree at least once a day, and NECESSARY that I see it every other week, or I will die... Ah the fate of a Dryad :( And, of course, now I am two meals behind in the celebration:  Snack and Tea!!

Better Flutter!!!

**Thanks for the Fairy Holidays which were taken from "Lady Cottington's Pressed Fairy Calendar"**
**Terry Jones and Brian Froud, author and illustrator, respectiffly.**
**Copyright Pavilion Books Limited 1995.**

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