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Why are you here???

If your answer was "I don't know!" Then, don't worry. You are not alone. I don't know why I'm here either!!!

I guess this will be my main page, for now. :) I am still working with all this html stuff, and am not sure exactly which direction I will go. I have had a couple of pages in the past, but they different. I had one page of links, and a page about my personal life. But I just don't know how to go about making just a homepage.

I mean, really, what in the world do you put on your homepage? Links? I already have a page of links! Personal info? I have a page full of it! So, I just don't know where exactly this page is going!

So I guess I will just go with it, and see where it takes me!

Since this is my main page, I suppose I can use this page to direct you to all of my other pages. I do live a rather varied (or should I say harried?) life! I have a lot of loves, and a lot of interests, and I am attempting to get a homepage that reflects as many of them as possible.

So, first off, I am a major bibliophile, and I at present moderate a mailing list for people who enjoy reading Piers Anthony and Xanth books. So, if you are interested in finding out more about that, please visit the Xanthread Homepage!

I am also quite a lover of fairies, and I have recently begun to make my fairy homepage! Yes, it's a work in progress!

As I said before, I have a page of my main links, to the pages I visit most often. At my main links page you will find links to the Xanthread's homepage, my best friends homepage, and a few others.

As I continue to add links to my page of links, I found that it was getting a bit cumbersome, so I decided to have two separate pages of links, one with my main page (see above) and one with ALL my links to ALL the stuff I like. This comprehensive page of links has links to music groups I like, fave TV shows and movies, fave books, and anything else I could think to look up on the internet.

Please feel free to mail me! at any time, for ANY reason :)