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PoohStix Post Links

Subscriber Suggested Sites

So, not only are you a dedicated stick tosser, and subscriber to the PoohStix Post
(best internet newsletter in the Virtual World!)
but you are also a crazy-wild netsurfer?!?!?!
Well, here are some fun, interesting, and enjoyable sites you can visit,
as suggested by your fellow PoohStix Post subscribers.


  • The Dogz Homepage!
  • The Catz homepage!
  • Bonus.Com
  • Cadmus Air Assault All comments on this page are the opinions of either the site designer,
    or the subscriber who suggested the link.
    PARENTS: Please surf the web with your child and make it a family affair! Some sites may not be suitable for young children... (Although we try our best only to link to those that are!) The maker/designer of this page, and the people affiliated with
    "The PoohStix Post" co LadyBlue and Co., take no responsiblity
    for the content found on the individual sites or their subsequent links.
    View at your own risk.