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Wallace and Gromit!

The coolest animated couple since Gumby and Pokey!

Wallace and Gromit are a pair like you've never seen before. There is something for everyone. First, you have Wallace, the great inventor of things not necessarily perfect, but highly entertaining. His inventions certainly make for interesting plots. And, you have Gromit, his faithful pooch... who is more than he seems. A dog who reads the newspaper, and knits, Gromit often seems to have more together than his so called "master".

Wallace and Gromit make for quite an Odd Couple, with their love of cheese, and their ability to find their way into trouble... well actually, it is Wallace who typically gets them into the trouble, and Gromit who gets them back out. Together, they have appeared in three films, created by master of clay, Nick Park.

A Grand Day Out

Their first film, A Grand Day Out, established Wallace and Gromit as soon to be stars. Wallace establishes himself as a great inventor, when they take an interesting vacation to a place where they can find some cheese. There is very little conversation in this piece, as compared to the newer two, but the humor is not necessarily in the conversation. Physical humor is prevalent, with scenes such as Gromit being used as a saw horse, and mice in sun glasses. On their short vacation, Wallace and Gromit meet a new friend, so to speak, and Wallace finds some cheese " no cheese I've ever tasted."

The Wrong Trousers

In their second film, The Wrong Trousers, Gromit has a lovely birthday, and Wallace's gift to Gromit is, of course, a grand invention that Gromit may not necessarily appreciate. Things get more interesting, as Wallace decides to "let" (rent) the extra room to a mysterious penguin. Where their new guest, and Gromit's new Techno-Trousers will take them, no-one knows. With memorable scenes such as Gromit in the doghouse, some interesting loud music, and lines such like "Cracking Toast, Gromit" this film is sure to please. We begin to find that Wallace is quite a witty conversationalist, and you are started off into a lifetime of Wallace quotes. If after watching A Grand Day Out, you found yourself saying "Cheee-eese... we'll go somewhere where there's cheeese.", then you will not be able to resist repeating "Do something Gromit!" Of course, Gromit, being a dog, still does not talk, but in this second film, his body language has become more developed and the humor of his facial expressions is truly entertaining.

A Close Shave

In their third film, A Close Shave, Wallace has been busy inventing again, and we see a number of inventions. He and Gromit have begun a window washing business, and seem quite successful at it. Wallace meets a woman named Wendolene who seems to look somehow familiar, and they hit it off right away. A group of sheep come into the picture, including a cute little sheep named Shawn, who seems particulary good at getting into trouble, and they all eat practically everything in sight. But who couldn't love cute little Shawn?
This movie has much more of an air of mystery, as there is a sheep rustler on the loose. As we wonder who it may be, many surprises are in store. With scenes of sheep pyramids, and Wallace having a breakfast of porridge in an interesting way, you will find yourself laughing out loud... and of course, we again hear the now infamous line from Wallace...
"Do something, Gromit!"

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