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About Shelly

I mean, really, what in the world do you put on your homepage? Links? I already have a page of links! Personal info? I have a page full of it! So, I just don't know where exactly this page is going!

So I guess I will just go with it, and see where it takes me!

Since this is my main page, I suppose I can use this page to direct you to all of my other pages. I do live a rather varied (or should I say harried?) life! I have a lot of loves, and a lot of interests, and I am attempting to get a homepage that reflects as many of them as possible.

So, first off, I am a major bibliophile, and I at present moderate a mailing list for people who enjoy reading Piers Anthony and Xanth books. So, if you are interested in finding out more about that, please visit the Xanthread Homepage!

I am also quite a lover of fairies, and I have recently begun to make my fairy homepage! Yes, it's a work in progress!

Like I said, I do have a page with info about me. My about me page tells you ***about me*** DUH!

If you hadn't noticed already, this page is on the Tripod server! Thanks for everything Tripod!

My boyfriend David has a homepage all his own...
Well, he used to. :( Unfortunately, it's not there right now. I'm sure he'll get a new page going when he has more time. In the meantime, it's the thought that counts ;)

I used to have just one page of my main links, and that was my main homepage. As I continued to surf the web, that page grew and grew... so I have made a big change, and this is the result. I put up this main homepage, and I now have a large listing of links to fun stuff. This comprehensive page of links has links to music groups I like, fave TV shows and movies, fave books, and anything else I could think to look up on the internet.

Click on my half heart, to find who holds the other half.

This heart came from The Holidays Webring site

Please feel free to mail me! at any time, for ANY reason :)