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Pooh Post

Volume 11

"A Newletter for friends who gather at virtual bridges

*Welcome Wagon*

All Poohs!
We have a new player joining our friendly Pooh Crew!
Please give a big Pooh welcome and Tigger Bounce to Player Mysta!
Welcome Mysta!

*Congrats Column*

First off HUGE congrats to LadyBluePooh for FINALLY
becoming first place in most games played!!
Long Live the BluePooh!!

*Party Page*

Player Skulpin hosted a get together at his home in some river in Calie Forn Ya...
a soaking time was had by all!

Player piglet hosted two parties at her treeHowse in R Can Saw!

Player Renanse hosted three feverish fiestas at his home
inside a huge cactus...

Player LadyBlue held four whale watching tours in Alaska
(no gum allowed!)

But the PartyPooh Award goes to...

**drum roll please**

PLAYER TANDY! She held **5** Bodacious Bashes at the top of her mountain.
Togas were required...
There are many bare beds in Misery (oops Missouri) tonite!

*Rumor Riot*

*Miscellaneous Matters*

Any submissions for any departments should be sent to the editor
at for addition to the Post.
If you have submittedsomething in the past that did not get added...
write to the editor and let the editor know about the mistake...
after all...the editor is only a bear of very little brain.

Praises for the Post are more than Welcome!
Suggestions are wanted and needed!

*Friends Forum*

Do you have a message for a fellow Stick Tosser that you would like
posted on the Newsletter??
Send all inquiries and messages to the editor
at: Your Wunnerful Editor-TheBluePooh

Do you have a friend that is a fellow player??
Would they like to be included in the post??
Send their handle and email address to the editor

We have a new business! Thanks to player Tandy for the name:
Dali Lama's Llama Deli: Advice on poohsticks given.
See the guru's at the top of the mountain.
No Toga, No Service!
(Also, sandwhices made:Food For Thought!)
(Not much money in the advice business ya know!)

Long Live the Poohstix and the Friends who play!

*sPoohtLight On a Pooh*

I would like to add something new to the post!
Since our Crew is growing and many of us don't know some of the others,
let's get to know each other just a bit better!
Write up a mini-bio of yourself and send it to the editor
It doesn't have to be long...just where you live, what you do
(go to school, what sort of work....etc...),
why you play poohsticks and some of your other hobbies!

Like this:

*sPOOHtLight On LadyBluePooh*

My real name is Crystal (or Crys as some of my friends call me...I will even answer to the name Fred....) I live in Fairbanks, Alaska. I play poohstix cos it is one of those silly games that has no point and I Love it! Especially since I have reached my goal of being First Place for most games played!! When I am not playing poohsticks (and especially now, thanks to the PoohScript!), I also enjoy reading, crafts, email and web surfing, and pestering my friends with messages such as this one! I collect many things....unicorns, quotes, humor, candles (to burn Micki's b*tt! heee!) and lots of other things....I am a stay at home wife (no children) with an interest in Photography of nature/wildlife/water/plants. If you would like to know anything more, please fell free to ask! :)

Credits Corner*

disclaimer: all opinions above are the expressed opinions of the editor, who may or may not be insane...**manical laughter** decide. all thoughts are for the purposes of fun, fun, fun, fun,fun ..and the most wonderful things about Tiggers....what? oh...sorry... credits: