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Good Magician Humfrey

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Venturus Naga

Wolfgang Wolf

An interesting Crossbreed!

Cheyenne Centaliz

..My name is Cheyenne Centaliz, a crossbreed alicentaur and dragon. Alicentaur in front, with dragon feet and tail. My real name is Jennifer S. Katz.

Bio: I am 26 years old, and a die-hard Piers Anthony fan for 2 years. I have read all Xanth novels, and all Adept novels, as well as Anthonology. I live in Bethesda, MD.

Cheyenne Centaliz

A very logical(?) young lady!

Com Pewter/Cara --

My mundane name is Caroline Gale, but I used 'Cara' as an internet alias and it seems to have stuck. I chose to be Com Pewter because I spend all day working in front of one of the blasted machines, so it seemed approriate. Also, everyone knows that super-villains have more fun! I'm 23 years old (ancient to some thread members I know!) and I'm doing a PhD in Psychology at the University of York in England. My general area is compewter-mediated communication and my specific research involves videoconferencing. (For those of you who might be interested, I'm looking at the cognitive and social effects of video communication, and how multi-media contribute to the process of communication. Believe it or not, it's quite interesting!) Anyway, I first started reading Piers Anthony about 7 years ago - my first PA book was 'Shade of the Tree'. (An odd choice maybe, but the sheer volume of the Xanth series intimidated me.) He's not actually my favourite author (sorry) - my favourites are Stephen Donaldson, Clive Barker and Julian May, all of whom I'd highly recommend to anyone who wants a less 'light' read than Piers Anthony. My favourite PA books are - like many people's - the 'Incarnations' and 'Split Infinity' series'. The only major PA books I haven't read are the 'Cluster' and 'Bio' series'.

What else do I do? At the moment I spend most of my time working, reading or having baths (not that I have a hygiene problem; I just like baths!), but at other times I like going to the cinema, playing PC games (esp. the 'Eye of the Beholder' series) and going to the pub with friends. I spend most of my free time with my best friend George (who, sadly, is NOT my 'boyfriend', just a male friend!), having discussions about life, the universe and beer. Since we (the Xanth thread) have had our very own IRC channel, I've spent a significant part of my weekends getting to know fellow IRC-Xanthians. Sadly, being in the UK, this has tended to involve me sitting in my university office until about 3 a.m. London time chatting to people in the US, then stumbling home or falling asleep on the floor. It's all good fun though!

I think that's it from me - mail me at As our Revered Leader Stormwing (crawl crawl) says, 'Xanthian Blessings' to all!

-Cara / Com-Pewter

Heeeeeres D'Metria!

D'Metria-D'Mentia-Woe Betide/Lisa --

My name is Lisa and I live in Juneau, Alaska. I am a stay at home mom and have two kids, Alex 5 and Kylie 1 1/2. My husband is definately an excellent guy who doesn't mind that I get a heck of alot more email than he does.
I love to read and that is why I belong to to the Piers thread. Some of my favorite authors are: Anne McCaffrey, Mercedes Lackey, David Eddings, Piers Anthony,Jack Chalker and I have read many more, but I just cant think of them right now. Fantasy/SciFi is really my favorite genre, but I really can read anything. I just finished some Walk Accross America books by Peter Jenkins which were excellent and am currently reading the Merlin series by Mary Stewart. And I couldn't put down the John Grisham books till I read them all. As you can tell I like to talk about reading too.
I like to do alot of other things too. I like playing around on my computer(even though I'm not very good at it!), hiking, rollerblading, camping, fishing, and most everything that you can do in a small town with only 50 miles of road, lots of mountains, and water.
The character I think I am most like is D'Metria. Like her I was full of trouble until I met my guy, got half a soul and fell in love. I now spend a lot of my time making him happy. Kind of boring? Well D'Mentia shows up every now and again to liven things up a bit! And Woe-Betide shows up alot when I am having computer problems.

So from the Demoness D'Metria

Some may say a dragon is full of hot air, but don't tell him that to his face!

Dragorian the Weredragon/Richard --

My full name is Richard Ray Bloss. I am 16, a junior in high school, and trying to get through high school without killing my parents!
My interests include computers *duhhhhh* , Internet *Duhhhhhhhhhh*, and humor*DUHHHHHHHHHHHHH*. I also play golf, albiet not very well, and bowl occasionally.
I subscribe to about a half dozen computer magazines, and next to my car, computer games consume the most of my meager income.
I work part time in a local Chicken Hut *hey, stop laughing*, and hope to get a better job soon, but am not too enthusiastic.
I live in Torrington, Wyoming, the most boring town on earth. It is about 90 miles north of Cheyennne, the nearest town worth mentioning.
My favorite activities include reading *alot*, playing computer, and working. Lately, working has been taking up most of my time.
My favorite computer games are Wing Commander III, Warcraft II, Doom II, Warlords II, Mechwarrior II, Master fo Magic, XCOM, XCOM II, Descent, and some others I can't remember. *Whew...this biography stuff is tough!*

I am also looking for that "special someone", but so far have not found her yet.

Well, anything else you want to know about me, feel free to ask!!

rememeber the saying, be careful what you asked for, because you just got it!!


Heeeeeres Gwenny!

Gwenny Goblin/Grace --

My mundane name is Grace Dayrit, and I'm a 19-year old psychology major at Furman University in Greenville, SC. (Greenville's about 4 hours inland from Charleston. Not a booming metropolis but not the sticks either.) When I'm not in school, I live with my family in Charleston, along with an ADORABLE German Shepherd named Bonnie.

Interests of mine include reading the classics (mostly American or English), watching and collecting some types of Japanese animation (mostly the love comedies), rollerblading (and falling on my face), and participating in various activities on campus (sorority, National Federation of the Blind, service organizations, etc.).

My Xanth persona is Gwenny Goblin (see Isle of View and The Color of Her Panties). I look somewhat like her, being short and having dark skin and long, black hair. My talent, shared with Harold Harpy, is animating coloring book pictures--after they have been colored, of course.

That's about it for me. I really do enjoy being on the Xanth list, and I hope you do as well!

Don't try any magic tricks around this guy!

Grey Murphy --

Salutations !!

My name in Mundania is Matthew Phillips and I am 21. In Xanth I am known as Grey Murphy, the chap Princess Ivy brought from Mundania when she was Heaven Cent there. I maintain the magic to nullify other magic and so (normally) can see through all forms of illusion and confusion to the logical answer. Not that my talent is infallible though !
I started reading Xanth perhaps 5 years ago and became inexorably entangled in its finely crafted landscapes and plots, it became as real as the outside world whilst reading the book, and sometimes, the read world seemed like fantasy.
Today, Xanth still holds the same attraction for me as it always did, and I do not know whether to agree with the idea that it is a series for children , it sure has enough to keep an oldie (!) like me engrosed. Piers' latest series 'Mode' had an even larger pull for me, as the multiple universe theory is something I have been interested in for a very long time, I have heared many hypothesis' on the subject and have studied some of the ones that Piers uses in the texts. I find this kind of interaction between what he writes as fiction and what he incorporates from fact to be a contributing factor to the overall success of his books, it gives the reader some solid ground to hold to when the story gets *too* wild !!

Well, I think that is quite enough from me, I really enjoy being on this thread and hope you will too, see you soon!!

A really nice guy, gnome-matter what anyone else says!

Good Magician Humfrey/ Mike --

Bio of a CS major:

First of all, I'm 32 years old, married to a wonderful lady, Linda, for 12 years now--no children (I like kids really--if they're someone else's ;-)). I live in a small town in south-west Missouri called Ozark, about 30 miles north of Branson. I like alternative music (NOT country, thank you very much 8-D), dogs, SF/Fantasy stories (of course), nature, coffee, elephants, J.R.R. Tolken, Piers Anthony (of course), computer programming, and writing HTML.
I read my first Piers Anthony novel in 1981 in Fort Gordon, Georgia. It was Castle Roogna which was left behind in a desk drawer by the previous inhabitant of the barracks room I was assigned to. Many thanks to that unknown friend 8-)

I spent 5 1/2 years in the U.S Army, 3 of which were in the Netherlands (Holland, Windmills, Wooden Shoes, etc...). After the army I worked various minimum wage jobs and then entered college and chose to become a Com-pewter Science Major. That was in '89. presently I'm attending Southwest Missouri State University in Springfield, MO part-time.

Sorceress Iris

Sorceress Iris
My name is Dawn L. Anderson e-mail address is Brown hair, blue eyes, I am 36, married for 12 years, I live in the northern part of Wisconsin I have 1 son who is 12. Our pets include 1 cockatiel named Snowflake, a dog named Oscar, and 2 cats named Mama, and Lucky. I won't go into the story of why Lucky has that name here, but if you would like to know you can e-mail me for the story.

My hobbies are reading, knitting, and computers. I still have alot to learn when it comes to computers. I read Science Fiction and Fantasy. My favorite authors are Mercedes Lackey, Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffery, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Asimov, Heinlein, Oscar Scott Card and the list goes on.

All of this has taken a back seat at the moment because I am going back to school trying to get a degree in Administrative Assistant Program at the local Tech School. Well thats all I can think of to tell you right now except that I am very glad to be on this list and hope that we all become good friends.

Jinx the Jester


Here is my bio!

..Hi, my name is Jon Wilburn. I'm currently a Junior in high school, and 17 years old. I go by the name "Jinx" I don't know how I came up with it, but I like it. I first heard about Piers Anthony and the Xanth series when my best friend told me about them in 5th grade. He told me about Xanth, so a couple of us, at recess, would play Xanth. Not having read any of the books myself, I was always Chameleon. We thought that Chameleon was a shape shifter, so I would turn into Dor, Jumper, or any other person or thing. I didn't actually read a Xanth novel until the summer of 1994. I read Demons don't Dream first and loved it. I also tried Spell for Chameleon, but just couldn't get into it. I gave up on Xanth for a bit, but then my best friend¹s mother told me that she had the first three books. That¹s where it all began, I've been reading since. It kind of stinks now because I have to wait for the new books to come out, when before I could read them one right after the other.

..Now I¹ll tell you a little about me. I am unusual! I like being different. I don¹t need to get trashed to have a good time, the only thing I get high off of is life. I¹m into the music thing, you know, band a choir. I'm also an actor and love art. My friends call me weird, but a good weird. I collect lint, moist towelettes, and spoons, just for fun. I¹m a die hard ³Weird Al fan, and want to be abducted by aliens. Wanna know the reason? This place is just too routine. I just want something different, but I guess it doesn't help living in a town that's only one mile squared. Well, that's all I can rattle off the top of my toe, so I'll end it here. No, wait! I'll end it here, no, here. Okay, I¹m just gonna STOP.

There it was. Hey, is there a part where I can list my web page. If so, here is the URL:


Heeeeeres Kaylie!

Kaylie --

Hello all of you xanthian folks.

I've decided that my Xanthian name will be Kaylie and I am human. Sorry, I'm boring. But it is just my favorite name.

I am 23, female, and a graduate student in social psychology. I live in Cleveland Ohio and have been married since May 1995. I have been a fan of Piers Anthony since I was about 12 years old. I have read most all of his stuff, except some of his sci-fi that I just couldn't get into. I have even read his erotic fantasy (pretty interesting). My two favorite books of his is are probably Battle Circle and Tatham Mound. Everytime I read it I enjoy it more and more. My favorite Xanth book is Castle Roogna by far. However, I am not one of the people who only enjoy the first 3 books in a series and then get bored. If I like a book, I don't want it to ever end. So for me a series is a way of keeping a story from ending. Therefore I still really enjoy the Xanth books and look forward to the next one. I also loved the entire Incarnations of Immortality series and Adept series.

The reason I enjoy the Xanth series is mainly because of the assorted problems and puzzles that the characters encounter. I enjoy finding out how they solve things. Also I like reading about applications of talents and of course new puns. Also, I enjoy reading about social interactions and relationships. The Xanth books have some interesting ones.

The reasons that I enjoy Piers Anthony's books are numerous, but mainly because they are entertaining and they make me think - at the same time! I like the way he approaches a topic and makes it come to life. For example, with Tatham Mound- I don't know if his version of life for the Native Americans is accurate or not, but I certainly feel that it is plausible. He made the history of Native Americans become more than a retelling of battles and hardship. I can now imagine what life may have been like. I love his fantasy because he is so skilled at creating an entire world, complete with cultures and customs and relationships and conflicts and everything else that is necessary for a story to come alive.

I also really enjoy reading Anne McCaffrey's work. I have felt for some time now that the two worlds I would most like to live in would be Xanth and Pern. I'm not sure which one I like better. Both are really wonderful to me.

I also enjoy a variety of other fantasy books, but no favorite authors. The last really good fantasy book I read was called "The Magic and the Healing". Unfortunately I can't remember the author's name, but check it out if you see it anywhere. It's about a girl who is studying to be a veterinarian who begins treating "fantastic" animals.

In my spare time I basically read, sleep, or eat. I lead a dull life, I guess. I also read silly romance stories, but really do prefer the ones that are a combination of fantasy and romance. I also watch the X-files religiously.

At school, I am studying things like self-esteem, self- presentation, romantic relationships, and self-handicapping. I really enjoy trying to figure out why we do what we do and how we do it. Overall, I study social psychology, which is basically the study of everyday normal behavior and social interactions.

That's about all there is to me, I'm afraid. I want to be a part of this list because I love reading Piers Anthony's books and have been wishing for someone to discuss them with for many years now.

Again, the name I have chosen is Kaylie, and I am human. I have some talents in mind, but am not sure if I need to choose one or how that all works.

I am looking forward to meeting other Xanthians!



My name is Shanno Holifield. In the land of Xanth I am known as Matera. I am a teacher in Mundania ( and you thought you had it bad :)). i live in a semi small city in central Texas but will be moving to an even smaller Nontown fairly soon and just working in the city. I like all the Xanth books and love to talk about them. In fact I love to talk about anything really so drop me a line and I'll get back to you.

I started reading Xanth about six years ago when my life was in the midst of DREAR DREAR MUNDANIA. A friend recommended them to me and ...I was hooked. It helped having that wonderful mystical place to run to when things got rough. Xanth is a wonderous place full of intrigue and mischief. I know it sounds goofy but every once in a while if I just think hard enough then I can cross over

The real me is a cross between a joker and someone who's very serious. I am able in two breathes to switch between being serious and cracking jokes, between crying and laughing. I don't know, I don't really talk about me too much cause I like tohelp others instead of seeing what I am. Other things I like to do: garden (this Spring I will be attempting to create a piece of Xanth here in Mundania by growing a Xanth type garden), read (of course), ride horses, stay outside as much as possible, watch the stars, watch hockey-ice that is, swim, write poetry and stories, play with my critters (including a black alicorn but you can't see him cause he's invisible today)--3 dogs, 2 horses, 1 jack, and as of next week a baby hamster.

I suppose I should also get down to the other facets of my life too. As of Mayhem of 1996 I turned 30. I have two children (a girl 9 and a boy 4). My husband is 29 and plays hockey year round, he's a goalie. I guess that's about it about me for now if you have any questions feel free to email me. I don't mind a bit :)

HUGS to all, Matera Have a Xanthian day and may all of your puns take on a life of their own.

Heeeeeeeres Naldo!

Naldo Naga/Chris --

My persona is Naldo Naga/Chris. I live in Dunkerton, a small, small, very small town in Iowa. I am 13, and first started reading Xanth in my seventh grade year (last year ;)). Currenty I have read the first seventeen Xanth novels, all seven of the Incarnations_of_Immortality, Firefly, the Visual_Guide_to_Xanth, and Piers' autobio. I enjoy Piers' works because of the strong use of mental images.


(Chris Heiple)

A Young Man With a Fire-rocious Personality!

Piero Human --

Real Name:Mike Young

The Reason I want to join Is I have read just about every xanth novel made except Roc and A Hard Place. I am going to start it tonight. YEEEESSSS!!!!!!!!!! And I love Peirs Anthonys works But I have only read Incarnations of Imortatlity Besides Xanth. I have always wondered how do you phenetically say Xanth?

Name: Peiro Human
Age: 15
Sex: Male
Talent: Fire Manipulation
Birthplace:Goblin Moutain

Well my god given name (even though I know my parents arent god but thats another story) is Michael Young. But i usually go by Mike. I live in Texas in a suburbia area. I first read Xanth when I was 11 in which I read a few but didnt really get into um till last year. And from then I made it my quest to read all of them and now it is my favorite series. i have read a few of his Incarnations Of Imortality books which I think are good too. I thought of Piero one day by having the Idea of some one who could control fire and then I got the idea he could grow up near the fire area so as to have the talent come from there and then it hit me how would he get delivred in that area so I thought to have him delivered to the wrong place and to the goblins. And when I got that idea I found his quest.(to find his family) And so thats how I got my character.

The stork got confused and deliverided him to the wrong place but It was beleived that was partly responsible for my Talent. I left the goblins just before I would have began to learn all of the curses.I left becuase most of the goblin males could'nt stand my bad traits and as you know that means I was polite, I could read, handsome, and I was above all things kind to strangers. So I left to seek my quest to find my real parents. And so that is where I am today.

Heeeeeeres Quix!

Quix --

Hi there, the names Jason LaGarde, but online, I'm Quix. You might wonder where I came up with such a nickname and no it's not a drink mix (Quik) and no it's not a ancient video game (Qix) and it's not any other number of misinterpretations I get (Trix, Twix, Quiz...) It's Quix and it's something that for once, is completely original. Quix is an acronym for QUasar In Xanth. Which is essentially who I am (at least in this imaginary world :).

Quasar is a little known comic book character who has the power to construct solid light constructs from cosmic guantlets he wears about his wrists. Quix is a normal Xanthian in that he has a magical talent. What, you might guess, is to construct solid light constructs. Yeah he wears guantlets, and they are the focii of his powers, but the difference of course being that Quix's powers are magical and come from within him, not the guantlets.

Once upon a time I was a member of the Xanth Xone on Prodigy, then later I posted a bit on, but I've been slacking lately, both in my reading and in keeping up on current events. Maybe with the mail coming to me, it'll be easier :) Taking classes and having a full time job kinda keeps you busy, y'know?

I'm nineteen years old, born on May 6, 1976 (so I'll be 20 soon!) and I'm the oldest of 3 boys. I live in a small town in Maryland, I am the head of customer support in a small local ISP. And I guess that's about it! :)


An ever-changing young lady in an ever-changing world!

cHaMeLeOn, the ShApEsHiFtEr --

Hi! :) My name is Shelly Stoppa. In the world of Xanth, I am known as cHaMeLeOn, the ShApEsHiFtEr. My talent is changing my body to any shape I choose. (My mundane boyfriend would really appreciate this talent, if I had it in Mundania! ;) Only in Xanth!) I live in a small mundane city called Covina, in .A. county, California. I'm a 21 year old, near graduate of Cal Poly Pomona, with a Liberal Studies Pre-Credential major. After graduating, I plan to enroll in a credential program, and after a year, be an elementary school teacher!
I was introduced to Piers Anthony's writing through an old boyfriend, and my current boyfriend is also a Piers reader. (Xanth's a small world after all, huh?!) I started with the Apprentice Adept series, and have just recently started reading Xanth. I am now currently through the sixth in the series.
I love to read, obviously, and some of my other fave authors are Douglas Adams, Christopher Pike, Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, Frank Herbert, Robert Fulghum, Shakespeare, etc, etc.
My other hobbies include dancing, painting, drawing, sewing, calligraphy, and anything physical. ;) I used to run Cross Country and Track here at Cal Poly.
I work part time here at the campus library, and also at my cities local bowling alley, in the child care department (Great experience for a future teacher!)
Other mentionables:::

I love fairies!!! Ren and Stimpy are very cool!! (hence the sig.) I also like to watch Beavis and Butthead, and the Animaniacs. I'm a huge Monet fan! Anything else I've forgotten, that you wanna know? Mail me!!! I'm an E-mail junkie!

Smash Ogre known as Nav Chari

Smash Ogre

My name is Smash Ogre known as Nav Chari in Mundania and I have the talent of switching between ogre/human form at will. I live in Mississauga (near Toronto), ONT. Canada, and no I don't live in an igloo. My favourite Xanth novel is Demons Don't Dream, mainly because, it was the first one of many which I read. I started to read Xanth novels because of the author Piers Anthony, since I have read, and enjoyed his books which deal with Space and extra terrestrials (Cluster). I really enjoy Xanth novels, and canít wait until the newest one comes out. My favourite authors are Piers Anthony, Isaac Asimov, John Grisham, Lloyd Alexander, and Christopher Pike. I play baseball, road hockey, badminton, and I swim. I was also on my school's rugby team. My favourite music bands are Smashing Pumpkins, Soundgarden, Megadeth, Metallica, Pearl Jam, and The Tragically Hip My favourite sport is hockey and I'm a die-hard Leaf fan, and a Sens fan as well, because one of these days they are going to win the cup. My e-mail address is

Heeeeeeres STORMY!

Greetings fellow Xanthians! My name is StormWing Centaur and I am an avid Piers Anthony fan. I have read all nineteen books in the Xanth series (to date), all of the Incarnations of Immortality series (loved them), and the Apprentice Adept series (also loved them). I recently started reading the Mode series, having just finished "Virtual Mode", and now starting "Fractal Mode". Not too sure yet whether I really like this series or not, at least not as well as Xanth... or Adept... or Incarnations... I have also read many of his individual books. Among my favorites are "Shade of the Tree", "Firefly", "Balook", and "Through the Ice". Not so favorites are "Hard Sell" and "Pornucopia". I have also read the Kelvin of Rud series and found it to be quite good. Other authors I like to read the works of include Terry Brooks, Anne Rice, Stephen King, and Margaret Weis & Tracy Hickman.

On the Mundane side, I am a 38 year old Aries male and I live in a medium-sized city in central Arkansas called Hot Springs - yes, the "Boyhood Home of Bill Clinton". I am single and have no significant other at this time, although I do have a very sweet little dog. My interests and hobbies include (of course) reading, movies, television, music (listening - not playing), painting ceramics, creating artistic things from nature, shopping (sometimes), Super Nintendo games (RPG), computer games, cooking (sometimes), computers, Surfing the Internet, E-Mail, meeting new people, and helping others however I can. Well, that's enough about me. Now, who are you?



My name is REALLY Samantha Skinner, and I am 13 years old. I love Xanth novels and have been reading them since my good friend Erick showed me "A Spell for Chameleon". I have read every Xanth novel exept Question Quest, A Roc and A Hard Place, and Gies of the Gargoyle. What makes me mad is that I had that book (Gies) picked out and someone else stold it from me! I live in St. Louis MO, and have a million brothers and sisters. My persona is really long. My birthday is May 3.

My FULL name is Vantha Cama VampCentaur. I am 13 years old, but I age faster then most humans, and am of age of the Adult Conspiracy, but will not talk about it! ;) I am being taught in the centaur way, and I hate it!

My sire's name is Chanid Centaur and he is 1/2 centaur and 1/2 harpy. He is a winged centaur. My dam, Venia, is 1/2 centaur and 1/2 vampire, a mythical character from the gourd who runs around chanting, "I vant teu suk yer blud!" They were both concieved at a love spring, after adventuring with some of their friends. My sire's parents are Hena Harpy and Chamn Centaur. My dam's parents are Vacula Vampira and Conia Centaur. I also have a sister named Chenia VampCentaur. She is 6 years old.

My talent is changing, wherein I can change the shape, size, or weight of any object, wether inanimate or animate. My restrictions on my talent are that I cannot change the sex, species, intellect, or age of anything. I am not sure of my talent as Magician level, as my parents will not tell me because they say, "Absolute power corrupts absoultely!" My favorite book, which I sold from Clio, was Castle Roogna, because I feel an affinity for Dor and the Zombie King. I don't know why though! I live near the air wing, but like to travel to see my friends, Grundy, Ivy, and Pook, Puck and Peek. I also am friends with a wonderful woman named Chameleon, though my favorite part of her is Dee. We hang out a lot.

Vantha, daughter of Chanid and Venia

A Slippery so-and-so!

Venturus Naga -

Greetings and salutations to all :) My name is Richard Downing, but call me Rik. In the world of Xanth, I am known as Venturus, the Naga. If i do have a talent it is... hmm maybe a little thought wouldn't go a miss here!

I'm 21, but i must point out i DON'T act it as i am quite immature (sad i know!) and I am a graduate of The University Of Wolverhampton, although i have got my Batchelor of Science in Applied Chemistry, I am still there trying to attain my Honours by doing two modules this year - one of which I have already passed so i am happy! I live with my girlfriend Keeley in Halesowen, West Midlands - If your looking try looking at Birmingham and then slightly SW of there.

I first started reading Piers Anthony in my last year at college (1992) with the book "Out Of Phaze". I loved it and was hooked! I now have 161 PA books although only 123 are original titles - e.g. three copies of The e.s.p. worm counts as one.

I love reading... anywhere i can - and seeing as the daily trip to Wolverhampton takes about an hour i have plenty of time ;). Other authors I like are: David's Gemmell and Eddings, Ben Bova, Harry Harrison and Anne McCaffrey.

I can't say much about hobbies short of reading, e-mailing and listening to music! I do admit that i am quite unfit... but not fat... (being 12st 4lbs - thats 172lbs which isn't bad considering i'm 6'2"!).

Jobs: I have two...

One on saturdays - Texas Homecare - A DIY store where until last week i was a cashier now i help on the shopfloor helping all the nice (?) customers!

The other is on sundays (DOUBLE TIME!!!) which is at a department store - Littlewoods - i work in the restaurant as the dishwasher (hey at 7.28 an hour i'm mnot complaining!).

Anything else? mail-me!


Quote for the day... "There is infinite hope... but not for man." Rik

Wolfgang Wolf

Wolfgang Wolf --

Wolgang Wolf is a Deputy in the state of Illions, and likes to spend his time corresponding with his good friends on the xanth mail thread. Feel free to e-mail wolf with any xanth thread page,or police related questions.

Wolfgangs Home page

The Main Entrance