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Home of the XanthThread Purple


Form to Join:

Before you fill out this form, please be sure that you have read both the Info to join page, and the FAQ.
Read all the directions on both pages, before filling out this form, or you may not be added.

This is your bio.

What's a bio??? It's an autobiography, a little story about you. We want to know a little about who you are, why you joined, why you like Piers, what your other interests are, and anything else you'd like to tell us. This is your first and last chance to talk incessantly about something besides Xanth. ANY AND ALL INFORMATION YOU GIVE IS COMPLETELY VOLUNTARY. However, we do REQUIRE, that you send some sort of bio, and include your age AND make SURE you include the email address that you want your xanth mail sent to. The bio is just to make sure that you are a truly sincere person, and not someone who will be here today and gone tomorrow. It also gives the list a more friendly atmosphere, where we know who we are talking to. And, it may spark some conversation.

The Magic Words!!
Type in here, the line from the FAQ, to prove that you have read the FAQ:

Real Name

E-Mail Address

Persona (if you have chosen one)

Talent (if you have chosen one)

Where You Live

(If you do not want to indicate your age, type AC or NAC to indicate if you are in the AC - Adult Conspiracy or NAC - Not in the Adult Conspiracy)

Birthday: (month/date/year - 11/19/74)

Male Female

Favorite Xanth Novel

Personal Info:

Xanth Character Info:

Please remember to be patient!!! It takes time to join this list. I do not get paid to take care of this list, and I DO have an outside life, and a job, and HOMEWORK (I am a teacher!). So, all things with this list take time. Also, because we have strict rules and policies, it takes time for me to check all of the bios and make sure there are no duplicate talents, and no inappropriate wording in your bio. So, if it takes two or three months to get you added to the list, do not be surprised. If you are afraid that I did not receive your bio, feel free to send it again, and feel free to send me a letter, and ask if I have received it. I will try to reply if I can. Thank you for your patience. If any information in this letter is unclear or confusing, please feel free to mail me. You can also mail me to request sample bios of current members, or if you have ANY questions, regarding a persona, talent, or anything.
Send to Listkeeper

Well, I think that's it... I HOPE that's it! Any questions, suggestions, comments, or just a hello: Mail me. have fun writing up that bio and choosing a persona and talent. Hope to hear from you soon!
Last updated: 4/11/99