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The Xanth Thread Archive of Ex-Member Info

Here are some pics/sounds/etc from some of our past members

Members (of the past) in the chart below have submitted their e-mail address, bio, picture, or voice, or "all of the above". Click on an icon to send e-mail or view a member's Bio, Picture, voice, Mpeg, or Homepage/Other.
Some of these members have the same name as some of our current members. Just remember, if they are listed here, they are *not* currently members of the list.

Name E-Mail Bio Photo Voice Mpeg Homepage

or other

Cheyenne Centaur
Com Pewter/Cara
Good Magician Humfrey/Mike
Grey Murphy
Gwenny Goblin/Grace
Jordan the barbarian
Piero Human
Prince Naldo Naga/Chris
Sorceress Iris
StormWing Centaur
Venturus Naga/Rik

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